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    If you go back to the convenience store or the hypermarket, you can see an array of canned aluminum cans, carbonated soft drinks, beer, green tea, black tea, aluminum cans have the advantage of "light", and are easy to open cans , Just pull the handle, you can drink a sweet drink, which for the busy modern people, is really a big blessing.

    And this small and convenient aluminum can requires a lot of electricity to refine. Here's the amazing data about aluminum: The production of aluminum consumes 2% of the world's energy every year, and every time an aluminum can It will consume the equivalent of a quarter of aluminum tank capacity of gasoline.

    However, after recycling, it can drastically reduce the consumption of energy. For example, after people recover household appliances, they can be separated by recycling through dismantling and recycling. Cold air chilled row contains a lot of aluminum, while the recovery of 100 air-conditioned aluminum produced, but also made about 48 aluminum cans, and even aluminum pots, aluminum pots, aluminum doors and windows frame, aluminum alloy ring and so on .